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Contractor Selected For Upgrade At Intersection

May 1, 2001

May 2001
by Bill Hammerstrom

Aurora Advocate

Aurora -- In special meetings Monday, city officials approved an upgrade project to add turning lanes and signals to the Treat Road - Route 306 intersection.

Following unanimous recommendation of the service and finance committees, which met earlier in the evening, Council approved a contract with Burton Scot Corp. for the improvements.

Council also approved a contract with McCoy and Associates for construction inspection services.

The Burton Scot contract is for just under $230,000 and the McCoy and Associates contract is for $31,000.

The city will pay for the contracts with funds from the road paving fund and stormwater bond fund. However, half of the money will be reimbursed from an Ohio Department of Development grant.

The project will consist of adding a left turn lane north-bound on Route 306, a right-turn lane southbound, and left and right turn lanes from Treat onto Route 306.

It will utilize existing signal heads and signal support poles to install additional traffic control devices. There will be a sensor in the left turn lane off Route 306 to prevent lengthy stacking.

In addition, the city will be able to incorporate these signals when it imitates a closed-loop system.

The special meetings were required because the project is to be completed before the peak of the traffic season. "Timing is critical," said Charles Miller, project manager from McCoy and Associates.

David Paulitsch, representing Burton Scot Corp., assured Council his company could have the roads ready by mid-June. With approval at last night's meetings, construction will start next week.

Paulitsch said the roadways will be ready for use by June 15, as long as the weather cooperates. After that, any work will be off the roadsurface and will not affect traffic flow.

Vehicles will be maintained through the intersection at all times during the project.

McCoy and Associates, the project's design engineer, was hired as the project inspector because the city's inspectors are occupied with otherendeavors.

"We cannot afford to take our inspectors off the projects they are currently on," said Mayor Margaret Duncan.

"Since McCoy and Associates is the engineer of record, it's appropriate to hire them in the inspector component as well to be sure this is done according to their specs."

The estimated cost of the project was $20,000 lower than the bid. Miller said high cost of petroleum and asphalt and the overtime requiredcontributed to the higher price.

The state had agreed to pay half of the cost up to $200,000. But with the approved contracts, the cost to the state will not reach the maximum amount.

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